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With body fat for your little girl, when unfortunately, not always possible for the first time may be the costumes are satisfied immediately. Please choose the garment or apparel companies are highly professional, with a team of professional designers are trained as well as aesthetically pleasing as well as Tinhvan Fashion ... These companies will help you overcome the disadvantages its much better.

Clothes for fat people 06Clothes for fat people 05By focusing attention neckline

The model for the shark costume is always hanging material, soft material is sometimes necessary to create designs for clothing phom, colors are not necessarily dark. You can mix shirt colors of flowers, together with dark pants (black, burn, brown ...). . Stand design trousers. Sometimes it feels more dynamic and elegant, you can choose the type of clothing material and another sink, small stripes to help you look more slimming. Of course, you have to be very clever in how to assemble clothing-pants.

Increase the height of your costume is the advantage to help you feel more or less cleaner, with little body fat, so choose the type of long shirt and garment bosses butt attention. This style has more in order to exploit and create focal points, giving you more confidence. Austria let go, pulled the head, soft material with wide variety of antiques, combined with mixed lace, neck cut deep ...

Dam for fat people 02Dam for fat people 03clothes for fat people

See festival at: http://tinhvanfashion.com/13-thoi-trang-cho-nguoi-beo-do-ngoai-co-bigsize

T Fashion Tinhvan will help you become more confident in their dress.

Fashion Tinhvan introduce specialized services for the "Fashion for fat people":

- Consulting design costumes for fat people

- Manufacture of wearing apparel, work uniforms in the Big size (XL, XXL, XXXL)

- Provide Big dress shirts by size

- Provides a package of fashion products for fat

- Manufacture of intelligent people fat

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