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Support services provide long-term wear

(For schools, businesses, restaurants, hotels)




        To provide for our customers is the major partner and longtime convenience in use and change costumes. TVF is pleased to introduce support services for long-term site with content: Signed long term contract, with monthly costs to support the work as follows:

- Providing due to lack of clothing, add or remove a small number of personnel

- Added costume accessory parts from broken, dirt during use

- Edit the appropriate clothing for the staff because of changes, add new ...

- Consulting design costume changes on the features, as required ...

- Provide regular products such as towels, caps, aprons, embroidered printed on the product ....

- Provide additional services as required.

       Wishing to support customers in the maximum effective use of workplace uniforms as a tool to promote the image business, TVF will always travel with you, giving our customers always feel comfortable and concentrate on their business.

 We hope to cooperate with customers. Please contact us for more information.




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