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Harmonious combination between modern and traditional


     Tvf aware of school uniforms are necessary for a teacher of environmental standards. It not only helps create an environment filled with serious discipline, but the aesthetics of the uniforms sometimes help create beauty, to help the school build images for traditional model towards students. That also means uniform must be really nice and fit the movement of students.

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    Today school uniforms become a vital part, a roofing distinctions of modern Vietnam. Not only in the traditional ao dai, the uniforms of the male and female high school students today have been varied, innovative and become much more convenient.

    Toward the school, the result is very difficult to complete a form suitable uniforms for all children, by the concept of aesthetic and economic conditions of each person is different. Tvf strives to bring uniform aesthetic, good quality and consistent with economic conditions in schools.


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   Actually prove the uniform actually quite many advantages such as:

- Removing the barrier between the students in the same school, same class, creating an environment of equality in education.

- The school uniforms also works to beautify old religious scholar, ensuring a strict and religious to bright students in the eyes of old people and the memories of everyone.

- The uniforms help students build the sense of preserving tradition, the pride and honor of the school, help them get the confidence and ambition in the future.


Tvf pleased to contribute to building a new image of the dynamic generation of students the 21st century! We hope to cooperate with customers all over the country!





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