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Provides: Uniforms star hotel standards "*" Professional


Star "*" is now a given criteria to compare the level of luxury and comfort of the big hotels. The evaluation criteria are complex and so demanding. One of the criteria stipulated that the uniforms, uniforms for hotels is also an important factor reflecting the level of that hotel.


Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 111 Âu phục - Trang phục đầu bếp 34

Details: http://tinhvanfashion.com/15-dong-phuc-khach-san-nha-hang-dong-phuc-dau-bep-xuan-ha-2011

With a team of young designers, basic trained, professional work and many years working in the field of fashion tvf pleased to send you our customers the latest ideas, most professional uniform for hotel criteria highlights:

- Bring identity, brand and said the level of the hotel

- Suitable space, context and usage of each component in the overall

- Reflecting the ideas and objectives of the hotel's general customer oriented

- How to luxury travel photos and Vietnam's unique future


Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 089 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 073 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 082 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 081 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 097 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 099 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 090 Khách sạn - Trang phục thu đông 064

We offer a package according to the process: (1) Design parts - (2) Unified Design and Editing - (3) Detailed estimates - (4) Production of a model / type sp - ( 5) Unity and editing map form - (6) The mass production - (7) Transportation and delivery - (8) and settlement of product warranty.


Tvf pledge to ensure the quality and progress for our customers with the highest degree!

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