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WELCOME TO LUNA FESTIVAL - VIETNAM FESTIVAL Introduce model Winter 2012 - faster service Along with Vietnamese prepare to welcome Lunar New Year - 2012, Tinh Van Fashion introduced TVF Service "Uniform Super fast" support to partner of urgent tasks: opening, upgrading and renovation... To get an idea quickly and more clear, Tinh Van Fashion has built the model Autum & Winter - 2012 with many different styles, many positions from staff to management, with a youthful style dynamic alternative to the traditional advantages costumes. Office uniforms Hotel uniforms Restaurant - Bar - Club uniforms Event uniform - Promotion girl School uniforms Resort uniforms Spa uniforms Comple & Veston Vietnamese clothing & Ao dai The products are designed and produced in many styles: Vietnam, Europe, Japan, Korea, China ... Along with the increasingly strict requirements from customers, Tinh Van Fashion more focus on quality product and provide the best service to customer. Please contact Tinh Van Fashion now, to get best new ideas, best production, with perfect times and hope customers will be satisfied with our service to you!We offer to perfect process package: (1) Design all position - (2) Unifying Design model and Editing - (3) Quote Price and detailed models - (4) Make one product / type - (5) Unifying and editing - (6) Mass production - (7) Transport and transfer - (8) Payment and product warranty. Tinh Van Fashion pleased to contribute to the new success of your company! Detail contact: Tinh Van Fashion - 98 Yen Phu, str - Tay Ho, dis - Hanoi - Vietnam Phone/Fax : +84 4 3715 4220 Mobile: +84 90219 5856 Email: tinhvanfashion@gmail.com / sale@tinhvanfashion.com YM!: tinhvansale Website: http://tinhvanfashion.com Homepage: http://tinhvanfashion.vn




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